An Event For All Times

Bluefields, RAAS, Apr. 25-Bring Back the Culture Festival 2001 like none seen before in Bluefields, Nicaragua: 30KW, big screen TV, live bands, a traditional youth dance troupe and much more. If you weren’t there, then of course, you missed it. The festival was a success despite the premeditated obstacles placed before the organizing team. “Where there is a will, there’s always a way.” SLC, Inc. and World Sound Records have the will that led and will continue to lead the way to resurrect the culture in such a vibrant secular city.

As the cool breeze from the bay and sea drifted across the city, one could intuitively perceived a beautiful day in the making. Sound check! as inquisitive bystanders witnessed what would become a memorable evening in the history of the South Autonomous Atlantic Region. Hardly anyone could imagine the monumental outcome that will live in the minds and hearts of the spectators forever.The event was reminiscent of times gone by when culture and tradition were as familiar as rice and beans and rundown.

The Sorrosi band, the Garifuna dancers, and Reynold Murray capture the moment and reminded us of the glorious past while the Rock Down Central America video vividly showed the will of the communities to rebuild after the decimation by the infamous hurricane Joan.The main event, however, belong to the artist who traveled from as far away as London, England to delight those who were privilege to experience the dynamic performance by Bluefields’adopted sons and daughter, Raymondo and Yvonne Curtis, performing artist, Bill Campbell, producer and Jimmy Mack, Manager.

What else can be said? There are still talks in the homes, street corners, barrios and abroad as if the event had just happened last evening. Such are the impressions engraved in the soul of the audience as well as the performers and stage crew. The queries about are: When are they coming back? Who will be next to enchant the spirit of the coast people? Please! Give the people what they want. Please! Give the people what they need.

Bring Back The Culture!!! Bring Back The Culture!!! Bring Back The Culture!!!
Repeat!!! Repeat!!! Repeat!!! Repeat!!! Repeat!!! Repeat!!! Repeat!!! Repeat!!!



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