Ancianato Juanita Joiner Project

Bluefields, RAAS, 27Jul-A project is on the way in the barrio of Pancasan in the city of Bluefields to build an elderly home said Adolfo Joiner,  member of the "Ancianato Juanita Joiner" institution. Mr. Joiner informed Bluefieldspulse that the project has already started. He said the main objective is to help the old people of Bluefields who has no one to care of them. 

The center is being build on an area of 10,000 square meters donated by the one of the Bustamante families in Bluefields. The project is being financed by members of the institution. 

The facility is expected to accommodate about 60 people, 30 rooms for female and 30 for males. Doctors and nurses will be on hand at the facility at all times. The institution plans to employ a staff of 10 - 20. The facility will be privately run but will accept help from the government if it is given.

Mr. Joiner said that the institution is currently soliciting donations from all willing Nicaraguans to help with the project. The type of donation being solicited is for construction materials such as; cement, wire rods, sand, stones, etc. In order to avoid mistrust the institution is not accepting money.

If you would like to make a donation please contact any of the following members of the "Ancianato Juanita Joiner" institution listed below.

Mr. Alvaro Matus - 822-0012
Prof. Dora Green Joiner - 822- 2796
Adolfo Joiner - 58-242-3619073
Mrs. Doleen Miller 

The following photos are blue prints of the planed elderly home.





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