Song In Back Ground; "Bluefields The Land We Love" Click here for lyrics.

Photo: Courtesy of Miss Nicaragua 2004

Name:Anasha Campbell Lewis
Born: Bluefields, Nicaragua
Residence: Barrio Old Bank
Age: 19 years
Graduated: From Moravian Secondary School
Academic Level: Second year Public Accountant  
Languages: Spanish & English
Mother:Yorda Lewis
Father: Herbert Campbell

On A Roll would like to congratulate Miss Anasha Campbell Lewis for her steadfast push to bring much needed pride and attention to Bluefields and the RAAS. Miss Campbell has the distinction of being the Queen of Bluefields Centenary 2003.

Certainly, Miss Campbell does not intend to relinquish the baton. She is currently one of twelve finalists in the pageant that will choose Miss Nicaragua 2004 in February. Miss Campbell has shown that she is deserving of such high honor. Her attitude and attributes are reflected in her physical beauty, kindheartedness, warm, friendly and jovial spirit. She has professed that her main goals are to serve the community, help the needy and to be a worthy representative of the Caribbean coast—a fact visible through the goals she has and continue to achieve.

We wish you, Miss Campbell, much success and like your predecessor Miss Hailey Britton, another native queen of the Caribbean coast, we hope you will be the deserving recipient of the Miss Nicaragua 2004 crown and scepter. Miss Anasha Campbell, though you do not boast of any treasury chest fill with diamond, pearls, rubies and emeralds, you embody all that a true queen should be. Keep on rolling.


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