Anarchy In The RAAS Government

Gregory Lewin

Jan, 27-204-Bluefields, RAAS-Today in an illegal act, Rayfield Hodgson, acting president of the regional council, called session in continuation of the one held on Saturday, January 24, to remove Gov. Guy Cox from office in the RAAS. Twenty-three liberal and two Yatama council members voted for his removal in a session, which he did not attend. The council members of the Sandinista party attended the session but did not vote because they considered these proceedings illegal.

It is alleged that Arnoldo Aleman, ex-president of Nicaragua and currently under house arrest for fraud against the state, offered 50,000 Cordobas to one of the Yatama members for his vote to remove Gov. Cox.

Governor Cox, along with other council members who have barricaded themselves in the governorís office, has issued a radio address informing the people that council member Sacasa offered him a deputy position in the PARLACEN (Central American Parliament) if he resigned, and that a similar offer was made to Lawrence Omeir during his tenure as mayor of Bluefields. He also said that he will not abandoned the building.

Governor Cox stated that he has the full support of the police force, who are currently standing guard, and that an appeal will be filed by his legal team headed by Peter Martinez with the Supreme Court tomorrow. Citizens from all parts of town are gathering in support of Gov. Cox in Kings Park in front the governorís office with sound systems pounding conscious reggae music.  
The Governor cited three points why the session today is completely illegal.

1. The secretary was not present to take notes.
2. Rayfield Hodgson has to be elected president of the council to oversee the session.
3. In the first session held on the 24th of January, council member Sacasa did not vote but left his substitute to vote in his stead. The law states that for a substitute to vote the council member must give 72 hours notice to the regional council. Sacasa voted in today's session.

Another issue concerning the illegality of the session is that Rayfield Hodgson claimed that it was a continuation of the session from Saturday, January 24. If so, then, Rayfield Hodgson has no quorum since he only had 23 votes.

More to come! Check back with because the governor is preparing a statement to be published addressing the Caribbean coast community abroad.  

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In other news today: The deputy mayor of Pearl Lagoon shot and critically wounded a police officer and many others after the police officer tried to arrest him.  



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