A Fallen Hero

Victor Manuel was born in the United States to Ms. Pearl Lucas, a Nicaraguan Caribbean coast native and though he never had the opportunity to see his beautiful Nicaragua especially the Caribbean coast his love for Nicaragua was unconditional.  









Gregory Lewin

Washington, Jan 26,07-Cpl. Victor Manuel Langarica Jr. 29, of Decatur, GA died in Baghdad, Iraq when the helicopter UH-60 Black Hawk that he was traveling in crashed. The incident is still under investigation by the United State Army. ABC news is reporting that a senior military official stated that the helicopter was most likely shot down by a surface to air missile.

Victor Manuel was born October 5, 1977 in Hollywood, CA where he attended high school. Shortly after high school his mother Ms. Pearl Lucas from the community of Karawala on the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua who grew up in Pearl Lagoon and his father, Mr. Victor Manuel Sr. from Mexico moved to Decatur, Georgia with Victor Manuel.

Gordon Van Vleet who is in charge of Public Relations at Fort Huachuca in Arizona where Victor Manuel was stationed told the Pulse that Victor Manuel enlisted in the army in November of 2004 where he was assigned to the 86th Signal Battalion a member of the 11th Signal Brigade at Fort Huachuca. Victor Manuel was a wheel mechanic working on trucks series 63B. Mr. Van Vleet stated that Victor Manuel was deployed in August 2006.  

Pearl Tirado, a cousin of Victor Manuel tells us that Victor Manuel was her favorite cousin and friend. He was the light of the party. He was always laughing and full of so much energy she says. “As a young kid Victor has always wanted to be a cop to make a positive difference in the lives of others” she said. Pearl’s husband is also serving in Iraq and is scheduled to come home in six months

Maria Lopez, another cousin of Victor who he calls lovingly “aunt” tells us that Victor was loving and caring. He loved Nicaragua and considered himself a Nicaraguan. She says he loves Nicaraguan food and recalls that on July 4th, 2006 he came to visit and asked her to cook all the Nicaraguan dishes. She complied and he ate everything. He loved frito, rice and beans and arroz aguado. “I missed him so much” she says. Maria tells us that the family had planned to visit Nicaragua in the summer when Victor would be coming back from Iraq. It would have been his first trip to Nicaragua.

Another friend told us that she knew Victor since he was 9 years old and that he would always put others before him. He was kind and sweet she says.

It is not the first time that tragedy has hit the family. Two years ago another cousin of the family, a member of the Marine Corps died in Iraq after just two weeks of active duty. “We can only pray that God keep Pearl’s husband safe” says Maria Lopez.

Funeral is scheduled for Monday January 29 in Decatur, Georgia.

Victor Manuel is survived by two children: 6 year old Devina and 3 year old Devic.  



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