A Dying Culture

Bluefields, RAAS, May 10-On May 7, Mr. Eduardo Cattuse a member of the Sorosi band passed away. Mr. Cattuse is the third member of the band to pass away in less than two years. In 2001 the band lost Mr. Woodrow Wilson and Mr. Oscar Gaslin. Both Mr. Gaslin and Mr. Cattuse played at the Bring Back The Culture Festival 2001 with Yvonne Curtis and Raymondo. Mr. Wilson had passed away earlier in the year.

I remember sitting with the group at the home of Mr. Winston Perry talking about how excited they were to be ask to participate in the concert. Then, they started to talk about their concerns. They had valid ones. First, they wanted and needed a cultural house to rehearse. Their second concern was the one that struck me. They were looking for a way to convince the youth to learn what they knew about the music they play. The last original cultural band is the Sorosi band and sadly there are no youths interested in carrying on the tradition.

They say that you never miss the water until your well runs dry. Our culture is dying and we must face the fact. Unfortunately and sadly, I have to say the youths of today and some of the older folks as well, either don't value or they just don't understand what it is to loose our identity. What are we teaching the children? Are we spending time with them explaining our history and our culture? Education starts at home.

We love reggae music so much and there is nothing wrong with it since our ancestors came from Jamaica; but at the same time, it makes us blind to the point where we don't appreciate what is ours. The youths of today looked at the Sorosi band as just a bunch of old guys playing music because they have nothing better to do. Wrong! These guys continue to play hoping that one day a group of young kids would walk up to them asking to be taught their culture, so they can carry on the legacy. The band is willing to do this. They don't care about money; they just want to teach.

We as a people at home and abroad need to rally together to build the cultural home they need, and then talk to the youths and explain to them what is going on and try to persuade them to accept this beautiful culture.

Mr. Eduardo Cattuse, we will miss you. Mr. Woodrow Wilson and Mr. Oscar Gaslin, we missed you.




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