A Testimonial: I Write What I Think



Everyday that passes by; we make history regardless of what we do. That’s it! We’ve got to clinch the moment and make the best of it. We are judged by what we do. So, why not live our lives to the fullest? Once our last breaths expire, so do we. So could be the fate of Autonomy on the Caribbean coast if we do not agitate.

On October 4, 2002, we, including all those who supported us in spirit and those who watch over us, made history when we protested in front the Nicaraguan embassy in Washington, DC. We exercised our rights and took action to express our concerns, and to address the crisis currently being confronted by the Autonomous government in the southern region. We succeeded. Consider this, when was the last time or the first time the ambassador, consul general, and minister counselor of the Nicaraguan mission in Washington, DC sat down with some “Costeños” to discuss the pressing issues of the Atlantic coast?

As I look back and contemplate our actions, it was an elating feeling to rawtid! Why should we stand aside and be dictated a course to follow? We are capable and resilient people. We’ve been living too long with the same old problems i.e. poverty, conquest, disrespect, racism, discrimination, etc. It's time we assert ourselves and overcome the unnatural conditions imposed on us. How much longer must we live and relive the same depressing history? It’s time we break the fetters that encircle our minds, relieve ourselves from self-satisfaction, and rescue our minds once and for all from the despair that enshroud us. If we don’t free ourselves then who will? Do we expect the down trotters to wake up one day and be enlightened to our plight? They know fully well that they are the ones who enjoy the fruits of our labors. Certainly, we do not! 

Each of us must do his or her part and together restore our history. How can we stand aside and be mute to the atrocities being perpetrated against us? There is much to do. Yes! I decide what is good for me; however, I’m not alone in this struggle. I’m an active part of it. It is my desire and commitment to be. Everyone must arrive to the same conclusions-- the sooner, the better for all of us.  We can make it work.

I am a visionary, a Costeño, a Nicaraguan. I am unswerving in the struggle to liberate the ills slowly exterminating our meager existence on a daily basis on the Caribbean coast. The belittlement must stop. Things do not have to be like they are. We’ve got the power to make the change happen. What is life without challenges?

And now that we have commenced to advance, we must be vigilant to assure the compliance of our demands to achieve success, even if it takes another hundred years!

I am a combatant in this struggle.

I know it.

I accept it.

I am doing something.

No more talking…


Action Speaks Louder Than Words!



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