A concern Trini Wrote:

On Thu, 23 Dec 2004 12:27 , H. Caldon. 

I am so hurt about Onika Bostic death. My 18 year old son likes her a lot. The person that was driving said that he don't know if there was a jumbie in the road. I think that he was the jumbie. My God, sense alone would tell you that when it is raining the road becomes very slippery, and you have to drive with extreme caution. I am a driver myself, and I know that when you are driving you have to drive for yourself and any other obstacle that might be in the way. For that car to turn over three times, tells you all. Also they were rushing to get to another destination for her to perform, tells you something else also. The brother had to be speeding, and when that incident happened he lost control of the car. He should feel 100 percent responsible for that girl death. He also should stop blaming it on the Government and the road. He need to go somewhere else with that excuse. I am not saying that it was deliberately done, but had he been more careful, it could of been avoided. Such a sweet and young girl had her life taken away from her for his stupidity. Also he said that a couple cars had accident right there after him. How come other drivers did not have an accident. Take it from me, the brother was speeding. And that is what is taking place in Trinidad right now. Too much death because of speeding. Just imagine, I think that for the year there are about 186 road death. 

That is madness.
A concerned trini citizen



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