Corruption In The Mids Of WGO Assembly

Bluefields, RAAS, Mar. 26-The World Garifuna Organization (WGO) annual assembly (March 22 – 24, 2002) held in Bluefields (Southern Autonomous Atlantic Region) Nicaragua.


March 22         Arrival of the participants

March 23         Discussion of the following issues:

·        AIDS

·        Garifuna’s economic development and reparation

March 24         Tour of the Garifuna communities

The Afro-Nicaraguan Garifuna organization has refused to participate in the assembly because Mr. Rayfield Hodgson began to identify himself as Garifuna. He became interested in the WGO because of the Garifuna reparations being discussed. Mr. Hodgson proceeded to form a new group, with the same common goal, believing that any monetary reparation received by the Garifuna organization from the British government would be controlled by a small group of six. The issue of reparation is not just about sitting and planning about who can benefit monetarily. Instead of fighting each others, we should be uniting our efforts and fighting under the same ideals.

The discord began when the members of the WGO allied themselves with Mr. Rayfield Hodgson who is known as one of the most corrupt politician. Because of this, our organization decided to leave the WGO. To join forces with that man implies losing the respect and confidence of our organization, the Garifuna people, and all the folks who are witness of the good work that we have been doing for the benefit of our people.

Another reason is the lack of interest this man is showing as a council member of the regional government. His silence concerning the sales of the communal properties and lands of the Afro-descendants communities is proof of it. How is it possible that this man lives in our region and being a councilmember does nothing? All of a sudden, this man who has never been interested in the cause of the Garifuna people has automatically designated himself as Garifuna and defender of our interests. And when he hears about Garifuna reparations, he gets excited over the alleged millions of dollars in coming. Only two months ago, we did not exist at all to him. How it is that now he recognizes and wants to fight not for us but against us attacking the only organization which is recognized by the Garifuna people?

It is obvious that Mr. Rayfield Hodgson’ interest is to enrich himself … not even a “wift” of any money will even come close for him to sniff! We will not allow it.

Today, we Garifuna people are clearly demonstrating that we are not in agreement with the union of Rayfield Hodgson and the WGO simply by not participating in the assembly or recognizing of any their resolutions.

Kensy Sambola


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