Princess Paid Visit To Lenin Fonseca Hospital

Gregory Lewin

Managua October 10, 09-Miss Princess of the World the lovely Kathiel Lampson of Bluefields, visited several sick children of the Lenin Fonseca Hospital on Friday October 9th 2009. The Queen paid a special visit to 13 year old Miss Shakira Moses who is interned in the hospital in serious but stable condition after being hit in the forehead with a piece of rock during the San Jeronimo celebration two weeks ago. Little Shakira went through a lot of pain and received many stitches but she is now recovering slowly, but surely due to the dedication and expertise of the medical staff at the Lenin Fonseca Hospital. The Princess brought a lovely smile to Shakira, something the little girl had not done in days says her mother. “I want to be a Princess just like you” she said when she saw the Queen. The Queen gave little Shakira words of encouragement and also told the mother to have faith and that we will all pray for a speedy recovery for little Shakira.

Shakira is a lovely child and does not deserve to be in the situation that she is in. She has fallen victim to the violence plaguing the streets of Bluefields.

Kathiel Lampson is the first Nicaraguan Queen to visit the Lenin Fonseca Hospital the nurses said. They all gathered around to take photos with the Queen and thanked her for visiting and caring.




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