In Loving Memory Of Onika Bostic

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Song in the background is Onika's #1 hit for 2005, "All Is Your"

In Loving Memory Of Onika Bostic 

Gregory A. Lewin

To All Nicaraguan Posse! As Onika would say it!

Dec-20-04-It is with a heavy heart and extreme sadness that I must inform you that Onika is no longer with us. She died Sunday night December 19 at 9:30PM. Onika’s birthday is this Thursday, December 23. She would have been 25 years old.

I never missed a Burning Flames concert. When I had the opportunity to meet Onika for the very first time, I was elated. It was an honor. Onika was smart and talented. She was one of Soca best artist; yet she was a very low key and down to earth human being. I fell in love with the person that Onika was the very first time we spoke. It was on Miami Beach October 10, 2004 where the group was performing in the Miami Carnival. 

My being on Miami Beach on October 10 was to brief the group on the trip they would make on October 14, 2004 to put on the very first Soca show ever in Nicaragua.

She was very curious yet excited about the whole thing, a sign that all would go well. And it did. We spoke for a while before she moved on stage to perform. And as usual, she was Onika–a crowd favorite, nice, charming, beautiful and sweet.

Onika’s performance in Nicaragua was no different from the many others she had done all over the world. She was full of energy and glory. Buried forever in our mind is her favorite saying “Nicaragua Posse”. For those who attended the show, I know you have engraved in you an icon, a legend in her time, a person full of love and care for others.

She was funny too. In the latter part of the show, Oungku started saying, “ We got to go now.” Onika whispered to me and said jokingly, “I hate when he does that.”

I ask why and she said, “Because he is just about to start playing now,” and we both laughed.

Onika and the band wanted to know Bluefields after they met the young ladies and the other creoles at the show. Sadly, Onika will not get to see the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua. Plans were already in the works for Burning Flames to rock Bluefields early 2005.

I will always remember Onika on the day of departure from Managua International Airport. Steve, Austin, and I were singing “Bust A nut” and “Strings”, two of Burning Flames new hit songs. She turned toward us and laughed. She said, “You guys are crazy, how come you know these songs already and we just put them out.” I could not have thought that this would be the last time that I would see Onika alive in the flesh.

The tragic accident took Onika’s life just when she was on the top of her career. Two of her latest release, which was sure to crown her Soca Queen of 2005, have become number one hits in Trinidad. “Mash It Up” and “All Is Yours” have taken the island by storm. Sadly it was on her way to a second performance to perform the hit songs that tragic night when her car flipped, and subsequently caused her death.

I will always love and keep Onika present in my heart. I thank God for giving me the opportunity to meet someone as nice as she was.

I believe Nicaragua was the last International show for the year for Onika and the Burning Flames band. Our heart felt condolences go out to the rest of the band. 

Onika, on behalf of the Nicaraguan posse, we will cherish the time you spent with us and WE WILL LOVE YOU FOR EVER!

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