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Dec 17, 2004-Maryland - Onika's Manager & Agent is traveling to Trinidad tomorrow where he can by her bedside and deliver all the good wishes from her fans. Doc assures me that he will deliver all the good wishes from the Nicaraguan fans as well . I told him to tell Onika that we love her very much and we wish her a speedy recovery and to remind her of her promise to come to Bluefields and rock it. Doc assures me the he will remind her that she owes us one. Doc also said  that her condition has not change, she is still stable but critical. I will keep you posted as soon as Doc call me from Trinidad with more heartening news. I have set up an email where all Nicaraguan fans and others can send your warm get well wishes to Onika. I will pass these on as soon as they are received. onika@bluefieldspulse.com

Heartening News Out Of Trinidad

Bostic's bruises healing
Thursday, December 16th 2004

RISING Carnival star Onika Bostic's medical condition remained stable but critical yesterday.

But relatives were told that several bruises the singer received during an accident last week were healing well.

Bostic, 24, suffered severe head and spinal injuries in a car crash on the Eastern Main Road, Laventille, early Saturday morning as she was heading to a concert in Chaguaramas.

She remains in the Intensive Care Unit of the Port of Spain General Hospital.

Citizens have been asked to donate blood at the Blood Bank for the soca star.

Bruises and other cuts Bostic received in the accident have started healing well, family members were told yesterday.

Source: The Trinidad Express

Doctors: Onika not fit to travel
By Curtis Rampersad
Wednesday, December 15th 2004

The medical condition of soca singer Onika Bostic has not improved.

She remains in stable but critical condition as efforts continue to get her seven pints of blood.

Bostic, 24, has not regained consciousness since she suffered severe cranial and spinal injuries in a car crash on the Eastern Main Road, Laventille, early Saturday morning.

Yesterday, she was still attached to an artificial breathing apparatus in the Intensive Care Unit at the Port of Spain General Hospital.

Doctors spoke to Bostic's family yesterday.

Hospital sources said the Burning Flames lead singer's life signs were still very low although there seemed to have been small signs of improvement.

They said Bostic was not in any condition to be moved.

This followed reports that the family may have been considering airlifting her to the United States for treatment.

Bostic survived a five-hour emergency surgery but has had minimal neural activity since the accident.

Soca artistes have rallied around the rising star's family since the accident.

Yesterday the Trinbago Unified Calypsonians Organisation (Tuco) wished Bostic a speedy recovery.

"Our prayers are with her during this difficult and sensitive time," Tuco said in a statement. "To the family we say stay strong and remember that with the Almighty God all things are possible."

Source: The Trinidad Express

December 14, 2004

The family of soca singer Onika Bostic is considering taking her to Miami for medical treatment.

Bostic, 24, remains in a stable but critical condition in the Intensive Care Unit at the Port of Spain General Hospital following an accident on Saturday night on the Eastern Main Road, Laventille.

One of her friends, Melissa McMillan, yesterday commended the staff of the hospital for the great work they have been doing but said the family was considering moving Bostic to a facility in Miami.

Bostic's mother is expected to meet doctors this morning to discuss the options available to them.

Speaking with the Express yesterday at the hospital, McMillan and an emotional Sophia Wint, another friend, said: "She's healing right now in Jesus's name."

McMillan is positive that although there have been no outward signs of change, there have been subtle changes. She explained that Bostic's hands appeared warm yesterday and that it seemed that the swelling in her brain had gone down a little.

Recalling that Bostic had great plans for her 25th birthday next week, McMillan, Wint, and another friend, Venice Parkinson, are convinced that there will be some positive changes by the end of the week.

Pleading with friends, family and the public to continue praying for Bostic, McMillan and Wint extended a heartfelt plea to citizens to try and stop turning this sensitive matter into a "pappyshow."

"We just want people to show some respect and love," they said.

The Express was told that Bostic's parents have "been strong and holding up" and that there has been a tremendous outpouring of support from family, friends and Bostic's colleagues.

Stating that Bostic had matured both on and off the stage this past year, McMillan and Wint said, "right now, we need to keep negative energy away from Onika".

Members of the public wishing to offer assistance by donating blood can do so at the Blood Bank at the hospital, as seven pints of blood are needed for the singer.

Extending wishes for a safe recovery to the talented singer was Caribbean Prestige Foundation for the Performing Arts, who also urged the entire nation to exercise extreme care on the nation's roadways.

In a release yesterday, the North West Regional Health Authority (NWRHA) called on persons to respect Bostic's confidentiality rights, and stated that they would release information in a timely manner as it came to them.

Source: The Trinidad Express

...Driver prays for miracle

As soca star Onika Bostic battled for her life for another day, the man who drove the car that crashed and almost killed her spent the day praying she would recover.

Bostic, 24, lived through Saturday night after sustaining horrific head, spinal and internal injuries following a vehicular accident early that morning which left her in a coma.

Surviving the night was a miracle and a positive sign, staff at the Port of Spain General Hospital's Intensive Care Unit told relatives yesterday.

And her condition seemed to improve.

Relatives were told by attending nurses that swelling on her brain had been reduced and bleeding had stopped.

The Burning Flames lead singer was listed as stable but remained critical.

Friends and relatives were allowed two-minute visits to her bedside at the ICU yesterday.

They said she looked calm and asleep. Her mother Jacinta and brother and sister have maintained an almost constant vigil at her side.

Lead singer and manager of Burning Flames Clarence Edwards (Oungku) is said to have flown in from Antigua to be at Bostic's side yesterday.

He was one of many local soca artistes and performers who have visited within the past two days.

Doctors have indicated that Bostic's neural (brain) activity was very low but have maintained that it was a miracle she lived through the initial surgery.

She was operated on for five hours on Saturday after the car she was driven in by fellow performer Raymond Joseph (Ninja) skidded on the Eastern Main Road in Laventille and crashed into a wall.

Friends and relatives continued to keep watch outside Bostic's hospital room. They maintained a prayer circle, hoping the soca diva would recover.

Joseph, who escaped with a minor head injury and was nursing a sore neck yesterday, said he was emotionally devastated about Bostic's condition.

She is the godmother of Ninja's two-year-old daughter Nadiegh Joseph. But according to Joseph, she is also a close "sister and friend".

"I just want to be able to sit down with her and talk and live like we used to," he told the Express yesterday. "I am praying for a miracle, I am not dwelling on anything negative."

Joseph recalled the night of the accident, still shocked at how his car crashed.

"I was driving normally, then the car skidded left on the water close to Erica Street," he said. "I don't know if there was a 'jumbie' on the road that night but I had no choice but to pull to the left and the car kept skidding and turned over."

After his B-13 Sentra flipped over, he said he climbed out the vehicle and kept calling Bostic's name. She never answered.

"I just want to ask everybody to keep praying for her and send their blessings out to her," he said.

Bostic remains in critical condition.

Doctors are expected to update the family on her condition this morning.

Source: The Trinidad Express

Gregory A. Lewin

Bluefieldspulse has some very bad news to report to its readers.  

Dec. 12, 2004-Onika Bostic, lead singer of the Burning Flames was in a very bad car accident in Trinidad and has been given a 1% chance of survival by her doctors. Onika suffered a head fracture and some other serious injuries to her body. She went under surgery last night but the prognostic is not looking good for our beloved Onika. We ask all of you who got the opportunity to meet Onika during the concert to pray for her and ask all your friends to pray for her as well. Will keep you posted. 

Update on Onika's condition. Oungku arrived in Trinidad and is by her side. He said her condition has not change. 

This is the latest from the News Paper in Trinidad.



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