Looking Back At The 2001 Softball Tournament

Gregory A. Lewin

The 2001 Nicaraguan International Softball Tournament formerly known as the Tri-State tournament ended disgracefully when Moscos – New York refused to play Old Bank – Washington for the first place spot in their division. The dispute arose after Moscos did not see it necessary to play Old Bank since they did not lose any games. But before the tournament began, the rules and regulations were handed out to the representative of each team. The rules stated that the first place and second place teams in each division would battle each other for the first place spot. Then, the two first place teams from each division would play each other for the championship. All agreed. The rules gave every team an opportunity to win the championship and thus the games began.

Moscos won all their games in their division, and Old Bank lost one thereby putting them in second place and setting up a showdown between the two rivals. The fans have always look forward to seeing Moscos and Old Bank play each other because they bring a lot of excitement to the game. It is the only time the two teams put out all efforts to play. It’s like a rivalry between the San Francisco Giants and the Los Angeles Dodgers or the Yankees and the Mets. Meanwhile, Nicarao and Campos Azules were playing each other for their division to face the winner of the Moscos – Old Bank game.

Suddenly, something went wrong while the fans waited to witness the game between Moscos and Old Bank. To everyone’s amazement, Moscos made it clear that they would not play Old Bank contrary to the previously established rules and regulations. A heated argument ensued between representative of the Moscos team and the president of the league, Mr. David Hodgson, who was in his first year as president of the tournament. What a welcome!

The president showed great courage by sticking to the rules and told the representatives from Moscos that they had to play or forfeit the game. Moscos chose the latter and threaten to withdraw from all future tournaments. Moscos forfeited and Old Bank won the division. Moscos earned a two-year suspension for the team and its players. The suspension was later reduced to one year.

Unconfirmed sources have said that since then, Moscos have been trying to form a tournament of their own around the same time as the Nicaraguan International Softball Tournament. The sources also infer that their effort is to pull away the fans from the Nicaraguan International Softball Tournament.